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Now, a 7-Day Wait Time for PU Letter? 69 Foreigners Receive It!

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On October 27, 2020, according to the Bureau of Commerce of Linan District, Hangzhou, their Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department has been actively assisting enterprises in inviting foreign employees to return to China. Up to now, a total of 69 foreigners from 18 enterprises have received invitation letters.

Who is Eligible to Receive an Invitation Letter?

Per the announcement, the invitation letters issued by Linan Government are mainly to the following three types of foreign employees.

  • Foreign executives;
  • Overseas partners of the local enterprises;
  • Technical support and other related personnel.

A One-Week Process

Per the Commerce Bureau of Linan District, as of now, foreigners who come to Zhejiang for business work are required to hold an invitation letter, where its application process is as follows:

  1. The employer shall fill in the application form of the invitation letter for foreigners coming to China and submit it to the local business bureau;
  2. After passing the preliminary examination, it shall be submitted to Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce;
  3. It will be handed over by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce to Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, and the invitation letter will be issued by the provincial government department for entry after approval.

Furthermore, as to better assist enterprises to resume work and production, the Commerce Bureau of Linan District currently provides training for the local enterprises and ensures that all the declaration materials of the invitation letter are passed at one time. Therefore, the relevant foreign personnel can get an invitation letter within a week at most.

Materials Needed from Foreign Employees

Per the Hangzhou Government, the following documents are required for the foreign employee to apply for the invitation letter to enter China.

  • Informed letter signed by the invited foreign employee;
  • Passport information page of the invited foreign employee.

During the epidemic period of COVID-19, they will continue to do a good job in service and help foreign personnel to apply for an invitation letter or fast-track lane to achieve full resumption of work and production, the head of Linan Commerce Bureau added.

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