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New Policies for Expats! Easier Work Permits & Chinese Course!

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On October 14th, 2020, following Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shenzhen, three more regions, namely Xi’an city of Shaanxi Province, Lingshui Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province and Anhui Province, have issued a series of facilitation policies for foreigners in China, to solve the problems in their daily life, including the complicated processing procedure of work permit application.

According to the local governments, they will adopt a series of measures as follows.

Xi’an: Once-for-All Policy

Per the Xi’an municipal government, Xi’an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone will deepen its reform by implementing the one-time handling of matters for foreigners to come to China such as the notice of permission, the work permit and the residence permit. As per the announcement, for foreigners who meet the following requirements, the government staff will complete their applications within 14 working days, which as follows:

  • 18 years old or older, and in good health;
  • Has specialized skills and work experience required by the job;
  • Has no criminal records;
  • Has an assured employer;
  • The economic work they are engaged in meets the needs of China’s social development.

For more details, please click the link below:

Lingshui (Hainan): Dedicated Service Window

Since this year, the Lingshui Li Autonomous County has launched a series of services for foreigners, aiming to enhance their sense of belonging here and facilitate their life, which includes the following measures:

  • Set up a “foreign talent service window” to provide entry-exit consulting services;
  • Build a WeChat communication group to timely release the latest foreign talent policy and provide 24-hour online docking service;
  • Help foreigners to apply for temporary Chinese driving licenses;
  • Establish bilingual bus station, and gradually achieve full coverage;
  • Organize regular Chinese language training.

Besides, the government has also set up an English corner for local talent to improve their English skills and help local enterprises introduce foreign talents.

Anhui: Green Channel for Evaluation

Per the Anhui Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, a green channel for the application of professional title evaluation has been established for high-level foreign talent and urgently needed talents who have been introduced to Anhui in recent five years, which can speed up the approval process.

However, the following three special circumstances are excluded.

  • Foreign senior agricultural economist, senior human resources consultant, senior intellectual property (IP) engineer, senior accountant, senior auditor, senior statistician, health and other professional titles (Specialties) shall not be declared;
  • Primary and secondary school teachers and university teachers are not allowed to declare;
  • For university teachers, they must be recommended by the school when applying for assessment and recognition, 

As of now, all the above policies have been implemented locally.

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