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Negative nucleic acid report required when returning home

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Confirmed! Nucleic acid negative certificate need to be provided when returning home during the Spring Festival

“Returning people must provide a negative certificate of coronavirus within 7 days, and implement home health monitoring for 14 days after the returning. During this period, they can not gather or move, and must take a nucleic acid test every 07 days. The Regional coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan will deploy related epidemic prevention work in rural areas and returnees. The National Health Commission answered questions on key questions on the evening of the 20th:

Why should we strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control for returnees?

Since the beginning of winter, sporadic cases and local clusters of epidemics have increased significantly in rural areas, seriously affecting the normal order of local life. The prevention and control capacity in rural areas is weak, and the prevention and control of the epidemic is difficult. Especially during the Spring Festival period, the number of returnees and the increase in personnel flow will increase the risk of epidemic transmission. In order to strictly implement the prevention and control strategy of internal rebound prevention, it is necessary to strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control for returnees. Nucleic acid testing is currently an effective means to detect people infected with the coronavirus as early as possible. Returning people with negative nucleic acid test can effectively reduce the risk of the epidemic entering the countryside and ensure that everyone has a healthy and safe Spring Festival.

Who are the returnees mentioned in the work plan?

The returnees referred to in the work plan are those returning to rural areas from other places, mainly including:

1. Returning people across provinces;

2. Returning personnel from the medium-high-risk areas in the city (in principle, the personnel in the medium-high-risk areas will not flow);

3. Imported cold chain food workers in the province, port direct contact with imported goods workers, workers in isolation places, workers transportation vehicles and other key groups.

How to obtain a negative nucleic acid test certificate before returning home?

Returnees can be tested at any medical institution, disease control institution or third-party testing institution that is qualified for nucleic acid testing at the place of departure or destination, with a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 7 days or a health pass that contains negative information on nucleic acid testing within 7 days Code “Green Code” returns to rural areas.

Who is responsible for checking the negative certificate of nucleic acid test?

Returnees should inform the local village committee before returning to their hometown. After returning to their hometown, the village committee will check the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days or the health pass code “green code” that contains negative information of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

When will the policy start?

Returning home with a negative nucleic acid test will be implemented from the beginning of the Spring Festival ( January 28 to the end of the Spring Festival travel on March 8) .

Do I need to be isolated after returning home with a negative nucleic acid test?

Those who have a negative nucleic acid test certificate do not need to be quarantined after returning to their hometown, but they need to be monitored for home health for 14 days, monitor their body temperature and symptoms, and do not go out or gather unless necessary. Personal protection must be done when going out, and after returning home A nucleic acid test was done on the 7th day and the 14th day. Those who return to their hometown within 14 days shall implement the home health monitoring and nucleic acid testing requirements based on the actual return time.

How do localities implement this policy?

All localities should determine the scope of rural areas in accordance with local actual conditions and combined with national policies, formulate the implementation rules of the province, and provide relevant supporting services.

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