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Expats Can Get a Green Card for Keeping Their Job During COVID?!

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On October 12th, 2020, according to the Huanggang Municipal People’s Government, the Huanggang Entry-Exit Administration Bureau of Hubei Province would actively apply for the Green Card for foreign talents who stick to their posts and support economic growth during the epidemic of COVID-19.

Favourable Policies in Details
As per the Huanggang Municipal Government, Huanggang city will continue to optimize the channels for foreign talents to apply for residence permit and facilitate the introduction for them to work and live there. Here are the details of the favourable policies.
One-Window Service
Per the announcement, Huanggang City has launched a one-window service for foreign talents, providing 24-hour hotline service, offering round-the-clock consultation, and implementing the personal responsibility system in terms of entry-exit consultation, policy consultation, visa appointment, acceptance and examination.

Green Channel for Residence Permit & Visa Service
Per the Huanggang Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, during the outbreak, they provide green channel for foreign talents in residence permits and visa services. For instance, in case of special circumstances, the relevant department will complete the work residence permit procedures within one working day. And also, if a foreign talent needs to leave China in times of emergency, he/she can apply for visa services via the green channel.
Green Card Service
For the foreign talents who have stuck to their posts and support the actual economic development of Huanggang since February 2020, the local government will actively apply to the National Immigration Administration for their permanent residence permit in accordance with relevant procedures.

New Inbound-Outbound Port
Furthermore, with the approval of the State Council, the project for Huanggang’s First-Class Port starts today. After completion, foreign nationals, goods, articles and means of transportation can enter and leave China (customs and border) directly through this port.
According to government officials, the port will be completed in 14 months.
As of now, all the above-mentioned policies are being implemented. And also Huanggang will continuously strengthen its attraction for overseas investment and foreign talents.

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