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What to Do After Your 60 Day Visa Extension! Answers Inside!

Chinese visa extension 60 days - covid-19

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On April 26, 2020, Hubei CDC announced that the residence permit of foreigners in Hubei would be extended for two months without going through any formalities for extension during the epidemic period.

Feedback from Some Major Cities

What to Do After Your 60 Day Visa Extension?

The key point is that the policy of two-month automatic extension is still working in China, however, each visa holder is supposed to enjoy it once and only. That is to say, if your visa has been automatically extended, and you need to have it renewed further, then you will have to go handle it in person.

Below are the detailed feedbacks from 9 major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Nanjing, Tianjin and Shenyang.


Before the two-month automatic renewal expires, expats in Beijing should go to the exit & entry administration with the required materials for processing. Whether they can have their visas renewed or not will depend on the actual situations of theirs.

The administration reminded that holders of expiring visas shall pay close attention to the official website of the Immigration Bureau for policy updates.


Per the staff of Shenzhen exit & entry administration, whether expats can have their visas extended or not will depend on the type of visa, the previous entry time, the length of stay and its validity period. Expats in the city may dial the foreign language service hotline at 0755-1258088 to inquire their next move.


Expats whose residence permits are about to expire shall go to the local entry-exit hall for visa extension with the necessary materials and a result will be given there depending on the individual situation.

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According to the Chengdu Entry-Exit Administration, the current 60-day renewal policy is only for foreigners in China who are unable to leave due to the epidemic. As for the other expats, the extension should be decided as per the type of visa.

It is worth mentioning that in the case that a visa /resident permit expires but before that its holder has already applied for a renewal which hasn’t been processed, a two-month extension will be given.


Per Hangzhou entry-exit staff, whether an extension will be given as well as its length will be decided per the visa types. Visa holders shall go to the entry-exit hall to submit the application in person with required materials, and the result will be given there.


If a residence permit expires after February 28, 2020, it can be automatically extended for 60 days; if it expires before that, then it constitutes illegal residence. However, in light of the epidemic situation. its holder will be treated in a lighter way as long as they go to Yiwu Entry-Exit Administration Bureau ASAP. Along with relevant materials for processing.

For other expats, they may go through an extension procedure as usual by going to the local exit & entry administration with materials.


Foreigners in Nanjing whose residence permits are about to expire will have to go to the local entry-exit hall for processing with the relevant materials required. A result will be given based on the individual situation.

Besides, according to people familiar with the matter, it’s unlikely for tourist visa holders who have enjoyed a 60-day extension to receive another one, which is to say, they will probably have to leave before it expires.


The extension will be decided on the type of visa. Foreigners shall make an appointment on the official website of Tianjin Entry and Exit Administration before the expiration. After that, they will receive an interview and be told if they will be able to stay or not.


According to Shenyang Entry and Exit Administration staff. Expats can go get their visas extended 10 days in advance before expiration. Like other cities, whether one can stay or not will be decided on the actual situation.

Additionally, the situation of Guangzhou remains unclear to us, as we couldn’t reach the entry-exit staff for the time being. We will cover the updates if there is any.

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