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Join us in Shenzhen Job Fair from 24th-25th April 2021!

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As one of the core sections of the China International Talent Exchange Conference, the Shenzhen Forum has always attracted attention for its high-standard, authoritative, and high-quality products. For more than ten years, more than 30 leaders including Yin Weimin, Pan Ligang, Li Zhaoxing, Zhang Jianguo, more than 60 famous scholars such as Fan Gang, Chen Cungen, Sun Jiadong, former Australian President Hawke, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Strong, Greece Ioannis More than 70 international dignitaries and internationally renowned experts, including John Ioannos, and more than 140 well-known corporate executives have participated in speeches or interactions. Today, the Shenzhen Forum has developed into a “podium” and a “voicing tube” in the field of international scientific and technological innovation cooperation and international talent exchange based on Shenzhen, connecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, serving the whole country, and radiating the world.

With the theme of “Talents Gathering in the 14th Five-Year Plan to Build a Scientific and Technological Community”, this Shenzhen Forum will invite many guests to gather together to focus on the topics of “International Technological Innovation and Cooperation” and “International Talent Exchange and Cooperation”. Simultaneous learning to drive innovation and development and Sino-German cooperation to open up smart manufacturing upgrades to explore development paths and new opportunities for technological innovation and talent exchange from different perspectives.


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Ministry of Science and Technology 

(State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs)

Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

Event Details

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Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 5

Events Highlights

► Technological innovation helps healthy China

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the use of technology to defeat the epidemic has become the most effective weapon. Medicine, pharmacy, biology, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing…interdisciplinary and multi-field innovations have exerted the power of science and technology in the fight against the “epidemic”, maximizing the protection of people’s life safety and health and well-being.

The health industry is one of the five strategic tasks for the construction of a healthy China. The “14th Five-Year Plan” pointed out that it is necessary to persist in innovation-driven development, based on medical science and technology to become self-reliant, concentrate on key core technology research, and speed up the resolution of a batch of “stuck neck” problems in the fields of medicines, medical devices, medical equipment, vaccines, etc. Promote a substantial increase in the overall strength of my country’s health technology innovation, and help the construction of a healthy China.

In the first topic, Yang Xiaoming, chief engineer, chief scientist, chairman of China Biotech, and director of the National Joint Vaccine Engineering Research Center from Sinopharm Group, as well as Changjiang Scholars distinguished professor, doctoral tutor, recipient of government subsidies from the State Council, and current Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Lu Wenliang, the president and concurrently director of the Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Epidemic Diseases, will focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic around the theme of “science and technology, escort life and health, and explain the current development and prospects of the industry.

► Innovation drives the future of the Bay Area

At present, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has become a bridgehead for China’s economic development, a test field for China’s multi-system integration and innovation, and a new economic growth pole. In recent years, innovation policies in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area have been continuously promulgated, innovation platforms have been intensively implemented, innovation elements have continued to gather, and innovative enterprises have accelerated their development

Shenzhen is a city full of opportunities, with an open and inclusive culture that encourages hard work and innovation, and is not afraid of failure. This is also the unique charm of Shenzhen as a “fertile land for innovation and entrepreneurship”. Open, tolerant, pragmatic, dare to take risks, and pursue innovation. It is in this “Shenzhen spirit” that groups of young people have cultivated hope and reaped fruitful results in this hot land.

In the second topic, Cai Ying, deputy secretary of the Shenzhen Guangming District Party Committee, District Mayor, and Party Secretary of the District Government, and Wang Jinjing, general manager of Shenzhen China Merchants Qihang Investment Management Co., Ltd. Speech on the theme of “Bay Area”.

► Intelligent manufacturing, Sino-German cooperation prospects are broad

Made in Germany, world-renowned. Since the economic recession in 2008, the German economy has been thriving in Europe. A closer look at the reasons lies in the vigorous impetus that the German manufacturing industry has injected into economic development. At the moment when the global manufacturing industry encounters development bottlenecks and seeks to transform and upgrade, Germany took the lead in proposing the concept of “Industry 4.0”.

Since the establishment of an all-round strategic partnership between China and Germany in 2014, with the continuous deepening of Sino-German cooperation, the bilateral economic and trade cooperation has developed steadily and the economic scale has continued to expand. When “Made in Germany” and “Made in China” cooperate sincerely, not only high-quality products, but also the happiness and ideals of the two peoples will be manufactured.

In the third topic, Ömer Sahin Ganiyusufoglu, Academician of the German Academy of Engineering and Qingdao International Academician, Port Industry Development Consultant, Dr. Thorsten Keiter, Senior Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Greater China, and Ouyang Jinsong, Director of the Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry, Germany Speakers such as Feng Xingliang, Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office of the North Rhine-Westphalia International Business Administration, will share the theme of “Cooperation · Smart Manufacturing”, combining the status and prospects of the development cooperation between China and Germany in technology and smart manufacturing, and expounding the technology Complementary advantages and space for cooperation.

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