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PU Now Available to Foreign Family Members (Vaccinated)

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Shanghai authorities have gradually started to issue PU letters to foreign family members (spouse and children under the age of 18), taking their necessity and urgency to visit China into consideration. 

Family dependents(spouse and children) can thus join the PU letter application with the principal applicantWhile the principal applicant is currently working or living in China, family members can lodge their applications separately

Please provide relevant materials as required. Principal applicants need to provide proof of employment. Please confirm that all applicants already hold China – or WHO-approved vaccination certificates (except underage children). 

Common Q&A

1. How Long is PU Letter Valid?

3 months.

2. What Visa Type Is This and How Long Will It Last?

Special business visa under Covid situation. Once in Shanghai, visa will be valid for 180 days.

3. Will Applicants’ Unexpired Work Visa and Residence Permit Still Be Valid?

Yes. And once expired, these can be extended automatically for your convenience.

4. Can the Applicant and Their Family Apply for the Visa Separately?

Yes. But this will need sponsorship from the company.

5. Can the Applicant or Their Family Choose to be Quarantined in Their Own Residency?

No. According to the current policy, all coming from abroad need to be in designated quarantine places for 14 days. Only under special circumstances like disability or pregnancy can overseas arrivals apply to stay in quarantine at home. 

Source: 上海陆家嘴金融发展局

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