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Online Teaching in China【New Regulations 】

Online Teaching in China 【New Regulations 】

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Causes of Rectification

Per the Cyberspace Administration of China,there are two major causing factors of the campaign.

  • Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, online teaching platforms have become the main channels for minors to learn from home;
  • Some of the website platforms show their lack of a sense of responsibility. They’re sheerly driven by interests and have no concerns of the fact that some minors are exposed to harmful and negative information via their platforms.

All-Round Regulations

As per the announcement, the rectification campaign is for all types of online teaching platforms involving minors, which will include the following aspects.

  • The content of online courses will be subject strict review so as to ensure its correction in guidance;
  • Comment section with an interactive function shall be set up the platforms, where a system of “review before approval” shall be established accordingly;
  • Strengthen the ecological management around the web-based course pages to filter harmful contents;
  • No pop-up windows or clickbait leading to inappropriate content for minors;
  • No commercial information irrelevant to learning;
  • It’s prohibited to use online public welfare courses for commercial interests.  

Per the responsible person of the administrative department, the authorities have zero-tolerance towards illegal acts harming the rights and interests of minors via online courses. The local cyberspace administration bureau and education departments will further strike against illegal platforms and institutions in accordance with the Chinese law.

Up to now, 31 online teaching platforms, 3 learning and teaching applications, and 13 programs have been dealt with in a serious manner according to law.

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