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Official Holiday Schedule for Foreign Affairs Office & New Rule!

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On February 4, 2021, according to the State Council, the Foreign Affairs Offices of 11 cities across China issued notices on the public holiday arrangement of Spring Festival in 2021, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Changchun, which clearly stated that all the work staff would enjoy a seven-day holiday, from February 11 to 17, but would be available for duty on February 7 and 20.

24-Hour Hotline be on Duty at All Times

However, in case of emergency, each personnel can call the local mayor 24-hour service hotline at “area code + 12345” to resolve problems and seek help, which is still available during the Spring Festival.

Besides, per the Tianjin Entry-Exit Administration Bureau, if someone need to apply for an emergency permit during the holiday, please contact the government workers at 022-24459007 first, and then go to the Tianjin Public Security Bureau for the relevant certificates.

Guangdong: New Rules on Quarantine of Inbound Travelers during the Spring Festival

Furthermore, per the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, from February 8 to 17, the diversion of inbound passengers from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to other cities in Guangdong province will be temporarily suspended, and the closed-loop management from “entry ports” to “centralized isolation points” will be strictly implemented, the details are as follows.

For Entry Personnel from Different Regions

  • For airport entry personnel, they must provide “a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours + a negative certificate of IgM antibody test + a green health code” before boarding, as to curb the cross-border spreading of COVID-19 virus;
  • For entry personnel from Hong Kong, they must provide a valid negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 24 hours;
  • For those who entering from Macao, due to the current coordination of anti-epidemic policies between Guangdong and Macao, only a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days is required. 

Meanwhile, as to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control of entry personnel, Guangdong will upgrade and improve the health management measures for inbound passengers, including “14-day centralized quarantine + 7-day home-based health management + four nucleic acid tests (namely getting tested upon arrival, the 7th, 14th, and 21st day of quarantine) ” after arrival, and all of them are placed under community control.

The Adjustment of the Diversion of Inbound Passengers

Between February 8 to 17, Guangdong Province will adjust the diversion of entry personnel, which include:

  • Those who entering China through Baiyun International Airport, should carry out the centralized quarantine in Guangzhou, and the diversion to Foshan, Qingyuan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing would be suspended;
  • While for those entering China through Shenzhen Bay Port, they should undergo the centralized quarantine right in Shenzhen, and also the diversion to Dongguan, Huizhou, Shanwei, Zhongshan and the other 10 cities is suspended.

It is worth noticing that since February 6, the cross-city home-based isolation is banned for each inbound passenger entering China via per port in Guangdong.

Per the Foreign Affairs Office of Quzhou, as of now, there are sporadic resurgence of COVID-19 cases and local clusters of epidemics in some places in China. Coupled with the approaching Spring Festival and the increased flow of people, the situation of prevention and control becomes increasingly serious, please pay highly attention to personal protection and avoid large-scale gatherings and non-essential activities.

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