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Now Foreigners Can Get 5 Million Yuan & a 5-Year Visa!

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On November 8, 2020, according to the Chinanews.com, 2020 Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchanges and Cooperation Conference was held in Hangzhou, which was announced that three foreign nationals, namely Rick Garson, Andre Stolz and Ali Sarikhani, have won the third prize in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition with 50,000 Yuan as a reward. Furthermore, if their projects are successful landing in the city within one year, 2 million Yuan related to the government funded will be given.

More Favorable Policies

Per Hangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, there are a series of favorable policies for overseas high-level talents in innovation and entrepreneurship, which are specifically embodied in three aspects, including project funding, housing allowance and visa facilitation. The details are as follows.

Project Funding

Young foreign talents have brought projects to Hangzhou to set up enterprises, and after evaluation, they will be funded and incubated by the government, from 200 thousand to 5 million Yuan.

Easier to Settle Down

The government will provide a maximum of 1 million Yuan to settle down for overseas talents who meet the requirements; and a one-time living allowance will be given to graduates with bachelor’s degree or above who come to work in Hangzhou, including 10,000 Yuan for bachelor’s degree, 30,000 Yuan for master’s degree and 50,000 Yuan for doctor’s degree. Moreover, each person can enjoy a rental subsidy of 10,000 Yuan per year for up to six years.

Additionally, the living allowance for postdoctoral students is different. Each of them will be given 120,000 Yuan per year, while another 50,000 Yuan will be added for the overseas postdoctoral.

5-Year Visa

Foreign high-level talents who need multiple entry and exit for visits, exchanges and more, can be issued with multiple-entry visa valid for up to 5 years.

As per the Hangzhou Municipal Government, the above-mentioned policies are to better introduce foreign talents and improve the internationalization level of Hangzhou.

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