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More Foreigners Returning to China From…

More Foreigners Returning to China From Italy

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According to the statement, the flight was arranged by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, together with the Italian Embassy to China. It is scheduled to take off from Milan in Italy to Nanjing in East China’s Jiangsu Province. Flights in August and September are also being planned.

A single ticket from Milan to Nanjing in economy class is priced at 1,300 euro ($1,544). A single premium class ticket is priced at an additional 250 euro. Members of the chamber can start booking as early as June 30. Non-members will be eligible to do so from July 4.

However, the return charter flight from Nanjing to Milan is still awaiting final authorization by the Chinese authorities, the statement said. The chamber also noted that all passengers will need to present documents required during the pandemic before boarding.

EU launches Digital COVID-19 certificate but only for approved vaccines

The European Union (EU) has launched its digital COVID-19 certificate, which will users to show verified proof of vaccination, a recent negative test result, or past COVID-19 infection.

The certificate, which shall be used by 21 EU member states, should allow most travelers to move within the bloc without having to navigate complicated testing and quarantine rules. 

“This certificate is a symbol of an open and digital Europe,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said. “We developed this certificate in record time, it will make travel in our union easier and it will give Europeans back the freedoms they value and cherish so much.”

The system is designed to recognize and verify COVID-19 vaccination certificates issued by all EU countries. For those who are not yet fully vaccinated, proof of immunity or a recent negative test result can also grant the ability to travel across borders. 

During Europe’s second and third waves, travel within the bloc ground to a halt. A complicated patchwork of different rules and regulations often made even essential travel difficult to navigate. 

Travelers were often required to carry dozens of documents including recent test results, travel decelerations, and justifications for their journey. 

While only 21 of the EU’s members states are currently using the Digital Covid pass, all 27 countries have agreed to adopt it in future. Six nations say they will have the technical capacities as of June 30, but need more time to fully implement the pass, while Ireland has delayed the launch of its pass following a cyberattack on its health service in June.

Currently only those living in the EU can benefit from the digital covid pass. However, ongoing talks with the U.S. and UK could eventually bring mutual recognition of vaccine certificates.


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