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How to Pay Taxes With an International Bank Card?

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As there’re more and more overseas people doing business in China, the authorities have launched a new tax platform for them and facilitate tax payment. Taxpayers can easily pay taxes with overseas UnionPay credit cards. 

Now non-resident taxpayers holding overseas UnionPay credit cards can easily pay taxes online around the world! 
On March 31, 2021, Guangzhou branch, the People’s Bank of China and Guangdong Provincial Tax Bureau have jointly issued the Operation Procedures for Cross-border RMB Electronic Tax Payment into Treasury with UnionPay (Trial Scheme)
Under the new measures, overseas taxpayers no longer need to fly to China, go to the tax service office or bank, or open a Chinese bank account. They can make tax declarations and payments online. 
There are two methods of paying taxes: 

  • Online payment with UnionPay 
  • Mobile payment with UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

The whole process is similar to online shopping because you can check your payables and make an instant payment via the app. It is very convenient and the total processing time is just 5 minutes.  

Here are the procedures of paying taxes in these two methods. 

Online payment with Union Pay 

  1. File tax declaration return through E-tax bureau or V-tax Remote Self-service Platform; 
  2. Enter the “Tax Settlement” page; 
  3. Click “Pay immediately”; 
  4. Choose “Online payment with UnionPay”; 
  5. Check and confirm tax amount and other information; 
  6. Pay taxes by entering UnionPay account number and password 

Please be noted that the amount of tax payment cannot exceed the limit of your credit card. 

Online payment with Mobile QuickPass 

  1. Install the app “UnionPay Mobile QuickPass”; 
  2. File tax declaration return through V-tax Remoted Self-service Platform; 
  3. Enter the “Tax Settlement” page; 
  4. Click “Pay immediately”; 
  5. Choose “Payment with Mobile QuickPass”; 
  6. Scan the QR code that V-tax Platform send to taxpayers; 
  7. Check and confirm the info and pay. 

After your payment, you can print out your tax payment certificate on E-tax Bureau or V-tax Remote Self-service Platform

According to the Guangzhou branch of PBC, the regulations apply to the cross-border RMB electronic tax payment into Treasury with UnionPay in Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen). 
Guangdong is the first place to launch the trials. It is expected to see the pilot program expand to more provinces and cities! 

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