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How to Change Work & Residence Permit Now – NEW Official Reply!

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Can I change my work permit and residence permit when job hopping in China these day, considering the situation of COVID-19? And how? On December 14, 2020, one subscriber reached out to OneTube Daily for an answer. Thus, OT-Team consulted the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Hangzhou, and the response is as follows.

How to Get a New Work Permit and Residence Permit

Per the work staff of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Hangzhou, it is a three-step procedure for one to reapply for a new work permit and work-type residence permit after leaving their previous job.

Step 1: Apply for a 30-Day Stay Visa

First, expats shall ask their former employer to go through the formalities for the cancellation of the work permit and the residence permit visa to the State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs within one month after the expiration of their work contract;

Second, foreigners shall ask the previous work-unit to provide the resignation certificate with their official seal;

Last, expats shall go to the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for a 30-day stay visa with materials including the certificates of the cancellation of foreigner’s work permit and residence permit, the resignation certificate, passport and temporary accommodation registration certificate issued by the local public security bureau.

Step 2: Obtain a New Work Permit

Next, to get a new work permit, expats shall find a new job and get the labor contract done within 30 days. Then, the new employer shall apply for a new work permit for them from the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China, which usually takes 15 working days;

Step 3: Get the New Work-Type Residence Permit

To get a new residence permit, expats shall bring the relevant materials to the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau including the passport, academic credential and certificate, certificate of no criminal record, work permit, medical examination report and the temporary residence certificate.

It is worth noticing that all foreigners can apply for a 30-day stay visa after leaving their previous job, said the work staff of the Hangzhou Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

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