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How Does Work Experience Affect Z Visa Application?

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Foreigners who work in China must legally apply for work permits and work-residence permits. If foreigners work illegally in China, both enterprises and foreign employees will face administrative penalties. Foreigners with work visas can also apply for visas for their families to come to China and buy social insurance, etc. Within the validity period of the visa, they can go back and forth to China for many times without re-applying for other visas.

However, there are many factors that determine whether a foreigner can successfully apply for a work visa. Today, we will share with you the important factors that affect the application of a work visa.

  • The scale of the enterprise’s office space, the existence of the office space, the office space is consistent with the registered address of the industry and commerce (related to the violation of entry and exit laws, once found, the visa will be refused or cancelled immediately).
  • The amount of registered capital, the number of employees, the social security records of employees purchased by the enterprise, and the list of staff.
  • The labor contract signed between the enterprise and foreign employees, including the applied position, work content, salary limit and individual income tax payment, should be checked by the enterprise during the process of entry and exit for the work visa. If it is found that the applicant’s actual job position and work content are not consistent with the labor contract, the visa will be refused and the enterprise will be fined.
  • Does the foreigner have a bachelor’s degree or above?
  • Does the foreigner have at least 2 years relevant working experience?
  • Whether the foreigner applies for the position is closely related to his previous work experience and major of the school.
  • Whether the foreigner has any illegal records in China, such as criminal or civil cases, overstaying, or failing to register for temporary accommodation in China for a long time.
  • Do foreigners hold relevant qualifications for special professions (language teachers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, etc.)?
  • Whether the foreigner provides the proof of complete education, no crime and previous work experience and certification documents.

“ Hot Topics Recommendation

As we all know, the two most important factors affecting the application are education background and relevant work experience. Then which foreigners do not need to provide two years of work experience to apply for a work visa in China?

Due to the large market demand for foreign teachers, the Foreign Special Administration Bureau for cultural and educational English teacher position requirements are also relaxed, foreign talents in addition to the need from English-speaking countries, but also need to submit English related qualification certificates (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA and other certificates) plus undergraduate diploma can be English teacher position application sign.

In January 2017, the Chinese government introduced new laws to make it easier for certain groups of people to find professional jobs in other industries in China. Here’s the official statement from the government:

“In order to implement the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Personnel Development System and Mechanism (Zhongfa [2016] No. 9), it is planned to allow some outstanding foreign college graduates without working experience (personnel scope: Foreign students who have obtained master’s degrees or above from universities in China and graduated within one year, and foreign graduates who have obtained master’s degrees or above from well-known universities overseas and graduated within one year) are employed in China.

This means that any new graduate who has completed a master’s degree program from a Chinese university is eligible to seek a job in the Chinese job market. The policy also extends to top universities around the world. To some extent, the higher the ranking in the world, the more successful the visa application, but this is just an entry level.

As outstanding fresh graduates, the policy should meet the requirements of college diploma while the following points:

1.Applicants need to apply for a job within one year of graduation (overtime will expire).

2.The job must be related to the major (some cities may according to the actual situation)

3.Quality enterprise scale (medium and large enterprises are preferred)

4.Graduation score is higher than 80 points (excellent graduation)

Source:GTGVisa Services

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