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Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Green Card

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China also adopted a more open, proactive and markets-driven regulation for permanent residency for foreigners in order to draw more young people and investments from abroad. We will share some details about it today.

This permit, or ‘green card’ in Chinese, is a legal personal identification for foreigners with permanent residency in China.

Apart from holding valid passports and the Chinese green card, foreigners can enter and leave China without a visa and will not be limited during their stay in China. It applies to foreigners under 18 for 10 years or five years.


How to apply for a Chinese Green Card?

Outsiders seeking permanent residency in China must comply with Chinese rules, be well-being, have no criminal record and satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

1 Made a direct investment in China resulting in stable operations and a good tax-paying record for three consecutive years

  1. Investment in any sector promoted under the Foreign Investment Guidance Catalog: $500,000 or more;
  2. Western China investment or other primary poverty relief or growth program county: at least $500,000;
  3. Central China investment: at least 1 million dollars;
  4. China investment: at least 2 million dollars. China investment.

2 Hold the position of deputy general manager or manager of the factorie or higher for at least four straight years and have the requisite residency term for a minimum of three combined years over four years, for a strong fiscal record; or hold the position of associate research fellow and other associate senior technical names, or excluding, for an amount of the same care.

3 It made or was particularly required by China a great and outstanding contribution to China.

4 A individual in the above category is spouse or unmarried child under the age of 18.

5 Be married to a Chinese citizen or an outsider with a permanent residency in China for a minimum of five years with a residence in China for 5 consecutive years, and with a secure source of livelihood or residence per year for a minimum of 9 months.

6 Be a single person under the age of 18 who comes to China to live in China with parents.

7 At least 60 years old, with no immediate relatives abroad and sponsored family members in China, have been residing in China for a minimum of five consecutive years and have a secure source of livelihood and dwelling each year for at least nine months.

In different jurisdictions the needs may vary so please visit the city’s public safety office to find out more about qualifications. The criteria may differ.

Guangzhou, for example, stipulates that candidates can in general be under 55 years of age.


The Processing Times are within six months after the receipt of a request, according to the Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Foreigners in China.

FEE & COSTThe total charge is 1,800 yuan per person, including: 

  • Application fee 1,500 yuan 
  • Certificate fee 300 yuan 

The possession of a green card gives certain advantages. With the exception of voting rights and in some other fields where the statute has differently ruled, those with a Chinese green card would have the same rights and duties as a Chinese resident.

  • Entry-Exit 

The holders of green cards can remain in China free of charge and only with their passport and permanent resident’s visa can leave or enter China.

  • Life services 

Permanent residents’ permits can be used when handling financial, educational medical, traffic, telecom and employment affairs, as well as when dealing with social insurance, property registration and lawsuits. 

  • Career development 

Green card holders can apply for professional or technical examinations. They will be treated equally as Chinese in daily life, such as with house purchases, hotel check-in, driving license applications and school enrollment for their children. 

  • Social welfare 

Social insurance will cover green card holders working in the country; foreigners who live but do not work in China also receive medical insurance an d a pension. 

  • More…

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