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Boarding with the Green Health Code in Canada to fly into China

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Below are some FAQ about boarding with the Green Health Code in Canada from the official website, please check it before your departure.

1.What should I do if the test cannot be done during holidays?

If the test can not be taked during holidays, your itinerary will be affected. Please be sure to contact the inspection agency in advance to confirm. If you cannot check on time and apply for a health code from the embassy in Canada, please contact the airline to adjust the travel period.In case of long holidays, airlines may also adjust flight arrangements. Please contact us in advance to confirm.

2. How long does it take for the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Canada to issue a health code? Will it be reviewed on holidays and weekends?
The Embassy and Consulate in Canada will review and issue the health code as soon as possible after receiving the application, including weekends and holidays, just to ensure that passengers board the flight to China smoothly. To avoid delaying your itinerary, please log in to the health code WeChat app or web version to submit an application as soon as possible after obtaining the test certificate.

3. Do children under 03 need to apply for a health code?
Local testing agency will not test infants under 03 years old (including 03 years old), so they do not need to perform double testing and do not need to apply for a health code, but they must be checked by the airline on-site before boarding. The legal guardian signs the disclaimer at the scene.

4. Which embassy or consulate should I choose when applying for a health code?
Please select the corresponding embassy or consulate according to the consular district of the embassy or consulate in Canada.

5. Is there a time limit for the green health code?
After the green health code is generated, the expiration time will be automatically displayed, so please pay attention. Especially when transiting from Canada to Vancouver to China, please be sure to consider the time difference. Please check the expiration time of the green health code immediately after arriving in Vancouver, and check in at the airport in advance to avoid being unable to board the plane after the green health code expires.

Source: Chinese Embassy in Canada

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