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BIG Changes to Work Permit Applications – Part Time Work and…

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On March 15th, the Guangzhou Science and Technologu bureau announced “Several Measures on Further Streamlining the Handling of Permits for Foreigners Seeking to Work in China”, which aims to simplify the handling of foreigner work permits.

Compared to the previous standard, there are plenty of changes! Such as applying online, part-time work and more!

Let’s take a look.

Changes for Foreigner Work Permit Applications

Online Work Permit Applications

Previously: All talents must have their application materials checked onsite.

Now: Work permits can be handled online without face-to-face examination and approval. Paper applications are not needed. Category A talents can pick up materials without any extra paperwork. Category B and C talents need to submit required documents and then pick up their work permit cards.

Applying for Work Permits in China Without Leaving the Country

Previously: Only foreigners who satisify one of the nine circumstances can apply for a work permit without leaving China.

Now: All foreigners holding a valid visa in China, after being hired by an employer, can apply for a Work Permit without leaving China!

Part-Time Work Is Allowed

Previously: Part-Time Work was not allowed in any circumstance.

Now: Foreign scientific and technological talents can work part-time with the approval of their employer, after filing with the Guangzhou Foreign Specialized Bureau.

Mutual Recognition of Work Permits

Previously: Applicants who received work permit don’t need to submit their education certificates.

Now: Foreigners with work permits from other Chinese cities no longer need to submit work experience, or education certificates in Guangzhou.

Age & Work Experience Restrictions for Work Permit Holders

Before: Category A talents were free from age and work restrictions. Category B should be under 60-years old, unless they’re under certain categories of applicants. Category 60 needs to be under 60.

Now: Age requirement relaxed to 65-years old, and the two-year work requirement has been exempted for urgent young foreign talents. Those who meet the requirements will be granted a work permit for 2 years. This also applies to foreign high-skilled talents.

10 Year Visa for Special Talents

Before: None.

Now: For foreigners belonging to the scientific and technological talent, and participate in key projects, they can apply for a 10-year R visa.



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