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Ray Harrison
PE Teacher



Currently lives in

“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” • Curriculum design and lesson plan creation • Able to think critically and solve problems efficiently. • Exceptional communicator who effectively conveys information in-writing and verbally
4 year(s)
Associate Degree
• Proficient in Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook)

Work Experience

Fitness/Sales Consultant February 2020-Present

True Fitness Gym Windsor, Canada

  • • Assessed client health through a series of questions and bodily measurements that determined height, weight, hereditary diseases, medication, and pain.
  • • Measured physical fitness via exercises that evaluated flexibility, strength, aerobic fitness levels, and muscle imbalances.
  • • Created customized meal plans for clientele to help them reach their weight loss, weight gain, or body recomposition goals.
  • • Created tailored workout plans that focused on progressions, regressions, and modifications of exercises to help clients meet their fitness goals.
  • • Developed nutritional and fitness-related educational materials for clients and gym-goers that focused on simple and complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats, and compound and isolation exercises.

American Football Coach February 2019-February 2020

Great Stone Gridiron (GSG) Beijing, China

  • • Designed offensive and defensive drills and put into effect player development strategies via training methods.
  • • Implemented lesson and unit plans in accordance with GSG curriculum.
  • • Modified drills to meet the physical capabilities of individual students.
  • • Trained personnel on American football terminology, positions, drills, rules of the game, and sport specific training.
  • • Conducted marketing seminars to educate the general populace about American football.
  • • Regularly provided students with feedback in-line with the assessment system.

Business Development Manager April 2018- January 2019

Turn Key Realty Point Brokerage Elmira, Canada

  • • Managed an internal database with sensitive information. Protected organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
  • • First point of contact for customers and acted as a director of customer relations.
  • • Analyzed business processes and identified opportunities to generate additional revenue.
  • • Conducted research to find purchase patterns and emerging trends to recommend changes for the organization.
  • • Assessed potential clients and provided development support, as well as acted as a facilitator between executives and external contracting sources.

English Instructor September 2017-March 2018

Berlitz Tokyo, Japan

  • • Focused on teaching English language grammar and conversational speaking fundamentals using real-life examples and task-based learning activities.
  • • Planned lessons in accordance with the Berlitz curriculum, establishing clear objectives for all lessons.
  • • Assigned homework, assessed students’ progress, and adapted teaching methods to students’ varying needs.
  • • Helped students with their vocational responsibilities by editing, mentoring, and giving constructive feedback on assignments, projects, presentations, and emails.

English Teacher July 2016-July 2017

English Language Centre (ELC) Seoul, South Korea

  • • Designed engaging lesson plans to improve the reading, speaking, and writing ability of elementary and middle school students.
  • • Utilized learning technology and resources in the planning and delivery of lessons.
  • • Prepared English coursework materials, homework assignments, tests, and handouts.
  • • Selected and integrated appropriate materials for classroom instruction.
  • • Modified assignments and activities to meet the learning needs of individual students.
  • • Evaluated the students’ tests, reports, presentations, and other assignments. Regularly provided students with feedback in-line with the faculty assessment system.

Supervisor and Team Member January 2012- June 2016

Tim Hortons Windsor, Canada

  • • Delegated responsibilities, worked independently and part of a team in a fast paced, high pressure environment.
  • • Consistently assessed and fulfilled customer needs, met high standards of service, and produced customer satisfaction.
  • • Demonstrated initiative and completed tasks in an efficient manner.
  • • Supervised personnel resources on the subject of proper protocol and motivated, trained, and directed individuals as they worked



International TEFL and TESOL Training 2016 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Windsor, Canada
• 120 Hour TEFL Certificate

Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Honours Sport Studies) 2015 University of Windsor Windsor, Canada

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